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What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization important aspect of digital marketing. It is the process of increasing the visibility of a website or webpage by getting free organic traffic from search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

SEO is very important for any Website, sites listed on the first page of search engines get the maximum traffic. Majority of peoples begin the online search on Google. Google uses hundreds of ranking factors in their algorithm.

How to rank on ?

How can you rank your site and get more traffic without spending lots of money? This can be done by doing SEO only but It is very important to follow the right principle to do SEO for your website else Google will penalize you. Our SEO Company in New Zealand can help your website to get the higher ranking in search engines.

CR IT’s is the professional SEO company in New Zealand. We follow the right principle and use only white hat SEO. We are expert from Keyword planning to Competitor Analysis, Link building, Blog posting, and Social Media Engagement.

Important Features of SEO

While searching for a specific keyword, Google produces thousand of results related to that particular keyword. Visitors open the sites listed on the first page on Google and sites on 1ts to 3rd gets 70% of the clicks. So SEO is very important for your Website and business. Our SEO Company in New Zealand has all the skills to get your webpage to bring to the top of the search engines.

Some other main points of SEO that most of the SEO Companies in New Zealand don’t cover are:

  • Advanced Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Pay per click

One of the popular SEO Company in New Zealand that possesses expertise in these aspects of digital marketing is CR IT ‘S Inc.

How CR IT’S SEO Company in New Zealand help to rank on ?

CR IT’S uses only white hat SEO and follow all the principles of Google and other search engines. We are expert in both On-Page and Off-Page optimization.

Keyword and Competitor Analysis

Excellent understanding of keyword research, we deep dive into the targeted market to find all about the competitors and keywords with search volume. Once you know what our competitors are doing and keywords with volume then you can plan your strategy to beat them.

Unique and Shareable Content

We know the value of the content for your website and search engines. A unique and shareable content always help to increase the visibility of the website. An excellent and quality content always gives the amazing results. We can write the content for you if required, we have an amazing team of content writing, else you can give us the content to publish.

Title and Meta Description

Title tags and Meta description need to be very accurate and well defined. We know how to define it and where to place the targeted keywords.

Guest Posting and Quality Link Building

Guest posting and building quality links give a boost to your website ranking. Our team is expert enough to find the sites related to our niche for guest posting and link building. We know the difference between low quality links and high quality links. We don’t create links with any spammy websites.

Social Bookmarking and Engagement

As we all aware that Social media is the biggest platform nowadays to advertise your products or services. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram etc. are the well known and social sites which are excellent for promotions. We also work on do follow sites for social bookmarking which is also a good way of link building.


We design an attractive infographic and publish on social sites and other shareable sites. This is a very fruitful way to get traffic to your site.

Image and Video Sharing

We work on sites related to our niche and share the images and videos on your company. 

Questions and Answers

We look for Questions related to your niche and give them relevant reply after consulting with you. The more we take part in Questions and Answer sites the more we get traffic towards our site.

Violation and Penalties

CR IT’s a professional SEO company in New Zealand knows the techniques of white hat SEO. We don’t do any black hat SEO like the spinning of an article, content automation, keyword stuffing, cloak links, hidden text, and hidden links. Blackhat SEO could result to receive a penalty from Google and also can be banned from search engine entries.

Professional SEO

Increase the visibility of your websites and rank high in search engines

We are highly experienced and expert Search Engines Optimization (SEO) Search Engine Marketing (SEM), PPC Services and Online Marketing Campaigns. Our excellent team believes in delivering great results on time and within the budget. Choose the SEO Company that do quality of work.

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